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Happy Halloween! ūüėÄ

I almost forgot that today was Halloween; something about it falling on a Wednesday throws off my whole Halloween mindset. I *sigh* don’t even know if I’ll be celebrating. I’m too old to trick-or-treat without it being creepy, I’ve already carved a pumpkin and my Long Island Medium wig has met the trash can. Maybe a movie? God, I’m old. Hopefully Disney’s¬†Halloweentown is on so I can savor my youth.

This past weekend I was Theresa Caputo from TLC’s Long Island Medium. My friends and I watch her religiously every Sunday so I was looking forward to hacking up a blond wig into the perfect Theresa mullet bob— I even used black Sharpie for the roots! Some people didn’t know who I was, I got a few¬†“are you Posh Spice?” No. BUT, I did have tons of students ask me for a reading (“How do you connect with the number 3?”, “Is there a young male that has passed?”). By the end of the night I was looking forward to ditching the wig and crawling into bed. Connecting with spirit is exhausting.

On a different note, I haven’t filled you in on the final days of my GM Diet. Ahem.

Day 6

Day 6 was  glorious because it was another beef/chicken day. I bought grass-fed beef and made 6 burgers in which I stuffed with rice cheese. Rice cheeseburgers! YUM! I also have had an obsession with acorn squash and asparagus post diet and have been eating them almost daily.

Like my festive frames? This day was super easy,¬†delicious and¬†I ate a lot.¬†I went slightly beef crazy since I haven’t had it since June. I’m not proud.

Day 7

Today was soup, brown rice, veggies and fruit juice. I always thought the fruit juice was rather random but I did drink apple juice at dinner. For breakfast, I got crafty and make cinnamon-sugar brown rice with a splash of almond milk. It fulfilled my breakfast cravings for hot carbs.

For dinner, I had left over stir-fry. I used a lot of NoOodles in my recipes because their calorie-free and gave my veggie meals more substance.

Now that week is over, there is things I have learned and would have done differently. I probably should have done more research prior but I was too antsy to get the ball rollin’. Let me share:

  1. I didn’t plan out the week of my diet/cleanse well. I, er, started it during my “time of the month” (not smart); so, my cravings were out of this world and I may have cheated 1, 2 or 13 times. AND-– sorry for the TMI–¬†since I was super bloated so when I weighted myself it wasn’t a correct representation of my true weight. So my final weight was still affected by my “sensitive time”. I would say I had a 3 -4 lb short-term weight loss.
  2. I didn’t know that you could substitute fish for the chicken or meat. I’d do that in lieu of the beef next time.
  3. I didn’t know that it was up to TWO cups of brown rice on Day 7. I don’t think I exceeded by much but it would have been nice to know
  4. I didn’t know that you could eat the soup as much as you want after Day 3. That would have made my day of banana milkshakes more bearable.¬†
  5. The diet is the same (is) The Cabbage Soup Diet, so I would research some better recipes to make the week more exciting for my palate. 

My friend did the diet as well and lost around 8 lbs, so it all depends on your lifestyle, body style and how much weight your body is able to lose. ¬†I think The GM Diet was no more effective than counting calories and portion control. Most of what made the diet successful is that foods are low in calories. This aspect also didn’t fulfill my fitness routine because after the gym I wanted something more sustainable than carrots (nothing personal, carrots). I didn’t really feel any different throughout the week but I was never tired.

Overall, I think it’s helpful for short-term weight loss but won’t help keep of the pounds off long-term— unless you drastically change your eating habits post Day 7. ¬†I may try it again before the holidays start but I’m too much of a foodie to restrict myself if I don’t have to.



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